Friday, August 2, 2013

can Pyjamas rise from its ashes?

As a quick follow-up to my article about pyjamas being hijacked, there's an interesting blog article (in French) pointing out the existence of a new incarnation of the original Pyjamas project set up by Luke Leighton at According to that blog article this new initiative was sparked by Goffi, the author of the blog article.

Given that the hijacked project, while it has seen some contributions from different people, seems to have slowed down considerably since the debacle (although it's possible that people are developing awesome stuff in their forks), I'm curious to see what this intiative - if anything - will do to make pyjamas more popular again.

Here are two screenshots comparing the recent git histories.

recent git history of the hijacked project at

recent git history of the reinstated pyjamas at